One-Off Dyno Heroku


One-Off Dynoとは

one-off dynosとは、heroku run bashした時に一時的に作成されるDyno。


$ heroku run bash


Concurrent one-off dyno limits

one-off dynoの制限

There are different limits that apply depending on whether the Heroku account is verified or not. If the account is not verified, then it cannot have more than 3 one-off dynos of type free or hobby running concurrently. > > Accounts that aren’t verified can’t create one-off standard or one-off performance dynos. For verified accounts, no more than 5 one-off dynos of each performance dyno size can run concurrently (e.g., 5 > > performance-m and 5 performance-l). Standard-1x and standard-2x have a limit of 50 concurrent one-off dynos. Submit a request to raise this limit for your application.